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We get it. Visiting a church for the first time can be hard. Will I be able to find it? Will I know anyone? Where will I sit? Do they embarrass first time guests? Will it be awkward? Will I love it? Will I feel welcomed?


We are here to help you plan your visit to Legacy Church to make your first visit easy and enjoyable. 


Fill out a pre-visit survey and we will do the rest.

-- We will save seats for you and your guests.

-- Pre-register any children to make check-in easy.

-- Have a team member meet you at the door and show you where children's classes, coffee, restrooms and your seats are!

Welcome to Legacy. Welcome Home.

What to expect

What should we wear?

Whatever you want. You will find some people in jeans and t-shirts and some people in dresses or suit jackets. We don't care what you wear, we just want you there.

What if my kids need me during service?

Your child(ren) will be assigned their own security badge with a number. If they need you for any reason during service, that number will pop up on the screen for you to see. 

How do I know my kids are safe?

Our volunteers go through a state and federal background check as well as our training. The security badge you receive is the only way they can be checked out of their class. Make sure you hang onto it. If you are sending Aunt Patricia to pick them up, she won't be able to unless you give her their security badge. We are serious about safe, fun kids ministry. 

What will my kids do during service?

The kids get a fun, interactive, exciting version of big church. They get to learn to worship, they get a creative exciting Bible lesson, games, prizes and a fun time making new friends. It will be their favorite day of the week, for sure! 

What can I expect during my service?

We strategically plan our services each week and then give God permission to add to our plan if He needs to. During service you will experience dynamic, anointed worship. A time for updates and announcements. A creative delivery of the life-changing Word of God as God encourages and challenges us through Pastor Chris's message and a time for response, prayer and fellowship at the end of service. 

What measures are in place for social distancing?

We have hand sanitizer stations set up throughout the building. Masks are optional in the building. We encourage respecting each others space and asking before shaking hands or fist bumps. We are cautious, but not fearful.

What time is Sunday service?

We meet at 11am on Sunday mornings. Children's ministry check-in begins at 10:45am. Get here early and enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee at the welcome center.

Have more questions?

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